Use of cookies

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device and then retrieved on subsequent visits.
This text file contains the following information:
– the name of the server that deposited the cookie
– an identifier represented by a unique number
– an expiry date
– a tracker for Google functionalities
– default WordPress information
– “qtranslate” for the retrieval of the chosen language
– information for saving the language according to the IP

During the cookie validity period, this text files will allow the website to identify the Web user’s computer on subsequent visits.

What is the purpose of the cookies installed on our website?
When you connect to the website,, its service providers may install different cookies on your terminal. This operation allows us to recognise your browser throughout the validity period of the cookie in question and enables us to implement the following actions.
– Optimise security measures during your visit to our website;
– Adapt the presentation of the website to your display preferences according to the hardware and viewing or reading software installed on your terminal (language used, display resolution, etc.);
– Set statistics concerning visitor frequency and use of the different types of content on our site. This allows us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our site;
– Keep any data contained in a form that has been completed on our website when a user has registered, or product-related information.

How do you configure your browser to manage cookies?
There are two possible ways to configure your browser:
– By configuring your browser to accept/reject cookies: either automatically or according to their issuer.
– By configuring your browser to propose the acceptance/rejection of cookies from time to time, before any cookies are saved on your computer.
To configure your browser, consult your browser’s help menu in order to find out how to modify your cookie management preferences.

Find below some links of the most commonly used browsers:
Internet Explorer™:,